LeT iT Be.

Dumayo sa Padre Garcia, Batangas para sa malinamnam na HALO-HALO, GUISADO SPECIAL at LOMI BATANGAS.

Busog-Lusog na naman, ahihi. ☺️

Food Trip With Family.

Thank You, Lord! ♡♡♡ (at Padre Garcia, Batangas)

Please bear with my Thursday Morning Selfie, ahihi. Peace! ☺️

Off to attend a meeting with PWD SIKKAP (Persons With Disabilities - Samahang Isinusulong Ang Kapakanan Ng Mga May Kapansanan).

Dysmenorrhea, you can’t bring me down!

Good vibes! ♡♡♡

"When I am gone,
please look for me in the people
I have known and loved…”

-Fr. Cesar T. Ricafrente, Jr. (+)

After The Funeral:
Had an unexpected bonding moment with some of Kuya Jay’s close friends.

You are greatly missed, Kuya Jay.
We love you. ♡♡♡ (at Alvinos Roast, Grill & Fry)

Kuya Jay.
Kuya Berto.

On the way na po ako sa Cathedral.

Not to attend your Ordination (and be one of your batch’s perfume sponsors at taga-bitbit ng pinagawa mo sa akin na Guest Book).

This time, to attend your Funeral Mass.

Funeral Mass.

The pain is beyond words.

See you later,
Kuya Berto Kong Mahal.

To be continued… ♡♡♡

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