LeT iT Be.

Noong mga bata pa kami, laging sinasabi ng Tatay at ng Momme na “ang bunso ang nagpapasaya sa pamilya.”

Those times, gusto naming isagot ng Kuya, “Wueh?!” (Ahihi. Peace, Gedz!) 😜

Sa paglipas ng panahon, that cliché actually came true.

Gaidz has always been the source of the whole family’s happiness.

She might look tough and fierce to some, but her heart is full of love, compassion and generosity.

She has “magic hands” that can transform/enhance the beauty of anyone.

And yes, she’s so gorgeous as a doll and always-always-always beautiful, with or without make-up; whether she’s in her glamorous outfits or just wearing pambahay with her cute freckles on her face, ahihi. ☺️

Having her as a sister and a friend is such a big blessing. Thank you for everything. 😘💜

HAPPY LOVELY BIRTHDAY To The Prettiest and Coolest Sister One Could Ever Have!

Love you always. ♡♡♡

Good Morning, Sunshine! 🌞

Luckily had a good night sleep despite the blackout, discomfort, mosquitoes and all…

Thankful to have these stuff with me: PAMAYPAY, KANDILA, FLASHLIGHT & the ever realiable Human Nature BUG SHIELD MOSQUITO REPELLENT (with Citronella scent that calms the body and mind).

And of course, praying and thinking of happy thoughts are big help too. ☺️

Sooo many things to do today.
No electricity still.
Need more patience and strength.

Good Vibes, everyone! ♡♡♡

#glendaph #humanheartnature #tiaongquezon

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